Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The unassuming prelude,
heaving sighs of boredom and monotony
was suddenly interrupted by an unexpected intermission.

Suddenly finding myself face to face with an old friend
A sudden surge of blood through the veins
reassured that a special bond had existed,
that precious memories still linger in the air.The subtle, split-second exchange of glances,
surreally went by in slow motion
eliciting a thousand questions,

hopelessly waiting for answers.
As if inevitable, a conscious effort emerged from nowhere
to break the fleeting eye contact
and awaken the senses back into the former, uninteresting state of things.
As the familiar drone resumed,
That one fantastic moment that hypnotized the senses,
Eventually cleared away and dissipated into reality --
A reality that is nothing more than a repository of unanswered questions.