Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The unassuming prelude,
heaving sighs of boredom and monotony
was suddenly interrupted by an unexpected intermission.

Suddenly finding myself face to face with an old friend
A sudden surge of blood through the veins
reassured that a special bond had existed,
that precious memories still linger in the air.The subtle, split-second exchange of glances,
surreally went by in slow motion
eliciting a thousand questions,

hopelessly waiting for answers.
As if inevitable, a conscious effort emerged from nowhere
to break the fleeting eye contact
and awaken the senses back into the former, uninteresting state of things.
As the familiar drone resumed,
That one fantastic moment that hypnotized the senses,
Eventually cleared away and dissipated into reality --
A reality that is nothing more than a repository of unanswered questions.

Friday, May 05, 2006

My Noontime Respite

Stress at work is inevitable. While I admit that the amount of stress I usually encounter is nothing compared to that of my officemates, stress coupled with boredom is altogether another thing that could nevertheless lead to the same kind of unpleasant weariness that my extremely pressured workmates may feel at the end of the day.

Lately, I have gotten myself into this habit of slipping out of the office at lunchtime to go to my favorite coffee shop.  This cafĂ© is situated in a mall right across the place where I'm working. Just the thought of it makes me feel restless.  I lose my concentration as lunchtime approaches. When I feel like it, I let myself get carried away by my thoughts, imagining myself eating my favorite entrees. A serving of pesto pasta, a slice of rhum butter cake and a cup of cafe latte -- yum yum.

Monday, April 24, 2006

In one's life
It seems there's always something missing
there's always something wrong
there's always something misplaced
Life would've been a lot better
If this were that and that were this
But reality just wouldn't allow things
to be exactly how we want them to be

In one's life
There will surely be some things to desperately long for
Things that that one should learn to accept, understand,
and be patient with

I just hope that
in my three decades of continuously living and breathing in my corner of the world
I have already earned enough wisdom
To teach me to face each day
emotionally and intellectually, in their right proportions
To help me figure out when to let go

and, most importantly, when not to

Thursday, March 16, 2006

15 March 2006; 2:30 am

Tired and sleepy after the day's work
Weary of being bored

I let this ever growing ennui weigh down on me
And as I lay on my bed
With the lights left on once again
Sleep fails to engulf all my senses
My disturbed mind leaves me half-awake

Slowly, in quiet resignation
I let the piercing truth escape my mind
In total freedom, I felt it take its natural course
And as it cut through my heart
I suddenly break into tears.......